old posts – 120317 [From. JR] Hello this is NU’EST.. actually JR ..ㅋ

Hello. This is NU’EST~~

It’s actually JR~

We’ve finally debuted~~

I’m so so happy to be able to meet the fans!!

Now we will really gradually show you our NU’EST’s colours, so!

I’m saying please anticipate~~

In the future too, continuously!! Please give us lots of love~~~


Don’t forget that the first broadcast hasn’t ended!

Don’t forget that for the events there’s still a massive event left too!

It was nice to meet you guys over the phone today!~~

NU’EST fighting!!!

The fans too, fighting!!

Please make us 1st place~~ You’ll do that, right??^^

Up till now it’s been NU’EST leader JR!.

translations by wartortlekjh
please take out with full credits



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