[pann] Look at Dongho & Minhyun crying

[+856, -8]

Minhyun who was crying and couldn’t meet Dongho’s eyes
and Dongho who burst into tears after seeing Minhyun….





  1. [+213, -0] Minhyun ah you know you didn’t do anything wrong right? Dongho you know that you’re not a person that’s lacking right? I’m sorry for making you guys cry… Sorry to Minki too… Jonghyun ah……
  2. [+205, -2] The first time Dongho and Minhyun cried, how hard must it have been on them, ah. Dongho yahㅠ
  3. [+205, -0] I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the kids’ expressions today…. Minhyun ah don’t feel guilty, we’ll wait for you, come back after working hard at your promotions
  4. [+74, -1] No but does it make sense that Kim Jonghyun didn’t make it? Who’s going to be the leader of BOIㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He got 1st place how many times, how could he have fallen to 14th, serious doesn’t make sense
  5. [+70, -0] No seriously.. When Minhyun was announced I was the happiest in the world, and I thought Jonghyun would of course be above that, and I was watching with the thought that Dongho would be 11th, but then Jonghyun is 14th…? Dongho is 13th…? My pick is Minhyun but really what to do about Minhyun who was crying in the corner like that, really only he got to debut alone, I can’t imagine what he must be feeling, really what to do…
  6. [+61, -0] The kids who were only exchanging gazes throughout the program are embracing only now… It’s so heartbreaking. I don’t know how to dare express what they must be feeling in words.
  7. [+60, -1] After some time has passed, let’s walk on the path of love with LO/\Es as NU’EST
  8. [+57, -0] During the 5 years of promoting as NU’EST he only cried once, and although he was in a situation where his group’s results were so low that had to go on a survival program, he’s a person with a mentality strong enough to say that he’s never had a slump in his life. His self-esteem is good and he has a really strong mentality but seeing how he cried like that and stood there dazed, that strong mentality must have been fucking smashed into pieces.
  9. [+57, -0] NU’EST are seriously suffering till the end…
  10. [+56, -0] It doesn’t make sense that Kim Jonghyun couldn’t debut, and it’s too cruel to have Hwang Minhyun in the debut team alone out of the Pledises. Thinking about how they must be sorry to each other makes me so sad and really I thought at least 2 out of Pledises would debut, feels like the forced 2 years will be really exhausting. What should we do, what is this, a kid that’s debuted looks the saddest in the world…

translations by wartortlekjh
please take out with full credits



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