[pann] Innocent weed Kim Jonghyun’s university life

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The imaginary university life of Pledis Kim Jonghyun trainee who is appearing on Produce 101

Year 4, 23 years old Kim Jonghyun sunbae


His favourite item is the black hoodie. Jonghyun sunbae who is known as the black hoodie handsome guy amongst the other faculties.



Black hoodie Jonghyun sunbae who is going to eat school food with his classmates


The truth is…. He is very shy and attentive

Pupils shaking as the group members who became the same group as Kim Jonghyun sunbae forcefully made him the group leader


Even so he does extremely well when he’s told to [be leader]

Kim Jonghyun sunbae who is comforting his group members


As he is the group leader, there are times when he gets scolded by the professor

During those times, even though his innocent beauty is overflowing, he says everything he has to properly


In truth, Kim Jonghyun sunbae…..

is never late and listens very attentively in class

and is the faculty’s top hardworking-type scholarship student


After class

We bumped into the pure Kim Jonghyun sunbae

who is resting for awhile after being tired out from moving mineral water bottles at the convenience outside the main gates of the university

he greets hello with a cute smile.



April is the season when MTs are in full swing yup yup

Kim Jonghyun sunbae takes on the role of faculty head, and it’s always hard having to lead the freshmen on the way to the MT

Even so the kind Kim Jonghyun sunbae

plays well with the freshmen without looking annoyed at all in drinking settings, and claps at their talents/skills


He takes cute two-shots well with the freshmen like this



Kim Jonghyun senior is in his 4th year, so he’s preparing to get a job

because of his interview, he dressed up like this and went for class

When he comes he takes care of the juniors affectionately like this again, he always receives their greetings with a smile


On the day of the lesson announcement

Kim Jonghyun sunbae who sincerely encourages the juniors, saying they did well after seeing them being nervous about the announcement


And then before the awaited announcement of the new employees accepted into the company

Because he’s so nervous

he covers his eyes as he is unable to look at the name list of those accepted


Mental breakdown when he sees his name, the three characters ‘Kim Jonghyun’ on the new employees name list

crying tears of joy

Leaving thank you greetings to the faculty office and professors and juniors

At the same time he’s accepted, he moves his stuff out of the dormitory,

and from then on we could no longer see Kim Jonghyun sunbae…..

The innocent weed Kim Jonghyun sunbae,

who lived his youth busily running here and there without dating once during his 4 years,

was said to have been accepted into a large company and left the school.

Bye bye.


If you want to hear about the stories of Kim Jonghyun sunbae as a new employee,

Pledis’ Kim Jonghyun trainee who is currently appearing in Produce 101 season 2’s

Sorry Sorry fancam http://tv.naver.com/v/1629084

if you watch it you probably will not regret?

You can laugh slightly from his meringue making http://tv.naver.com/v/1557552 just slightly….


  1. [+155, -3] I remember…,,,While drinking with Jonghyun sunbae I was the only one who threw up…..
  2. [+133, -4] Jonghyunnie has to debut ㅠㅠ His rank is definitely not safe, please vote for him
    I heard people around me said Kim Jonghyun was in a safe position and didn’t vote for him till I was sick of it, but the result.jpg The votes difference between 4th-11th place was not that big, if he slipped he would’ve fallen out of the debut team. Please, if Kim Jonghyun is your bias, vote for Kim Jonghyun. If you don’t want Kim Jonghyun to spend his birthday next year in Japan


  • [+127, -3] I thought this type of oppa would be present if I go to university, but there’s none ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ There’s no one with a pure and innocent feeling like Jonghyunnie….


translations by wartortlekjh
please take out with full credits



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